A story of heritage cooking

Before the sun rises, busying away in the kitchen, she chopped her loyal ingredients and tossed it into the pan. The smell of onions and garlic simmering filling the room. She continued her wonders, adding a handful of ingredients and a pinch of spice. She measures by experience. No scale in sight. As the sun rises, the dish was ready. Grandma’s pot of love welcoming us in the morning sun.  A cherished childhood memory,  a grandchild doesn’t forget.

In celebration of my grandma and of many others whom have spent their lifetime dedicating to making loving meals for their families, we started the Heritage Cooking Class. Seniors sharing with you their cooking talents so beautifully & loyally passed from generation to generation.

Celebrate heritage with us. Join us for a heritage cooking class, a unique experience to immerse yourself in Singapore’s warm culture. 


Warm regards,

Nur Yusoff

Co-founder of Senior Active Pte Ltd

About us

The Heritage Cooking Class is an initiative of Senior Active Pte Ltd. These classes aim to provide employment for seniors by empowering them to share their beautiful talents with others. To empower them, Senior Active champions creating a healthy working environment for seniors.

We empower seniors by:

We took note of the talents that seniors have and support them with a platform to share these skills. Seniors are encouraged to plan out how they want their sessions to be held.

We respect the seniors’ time in wanting a work – life balance. For some seniors, they may want to work a few days a week. While for others, they may want to work more.  Seniors are given the options when they want to do classes.

Having an ergonomically friendly working environment is not only good for seniors but for everyone. A smart work place understands that a healthy working environment respects the workers’ health.

Staff from Senior Active prioritises what is best for our seniors. We are supportive of each other and see the strength in each other regardless of age.

To know more about Senior Active Pte Ltd, please visit www.senioractive.com.sg