November 3, 2016
Nur Yusoff

Kueh Lapis & Social Impact Assessments

Baking Kueh Lapis, measuring social impact & more upcoming news!

Nur Yusoff

                              Learning to make Kueh Lapis

In one of our recent classes, we made Kueh Lapis! The bakers learnt how precise you have to be making this cake and the time needed to build the golden layers on top of each other. After all the handwork, it was worth it to see the beautiful cake form and even better to taste it!!
Watch video of the class.

Measuring Social impact

Recently we also had a meeting with CARE, an academic research centre based in Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. During the meeting we discussed on a list of Social Impact Assessments that are suitable for our company Senior Active, taking into consideration the social impact we want to achieve; making Senior Active the model of a Senior Friendly work place.

What are Social Impact Assessments?

To achieve social change, we have to identify approaches that work and why it works. This is helped by conducting Social impact assessments.  Social impact assessment helps organizations to be more effective, and improve the value of programs to the people they serve. To know more visit Social Impact Assessments.
Meeting on social impact assessments

Whats next?

For our upcoming Heritage Cooking Class we will be making Mee Soto! "Mee" means noodles in Malay. While "Soto" is a traditional chicken broth soup mixed with fragrant spices. Find out more and register here!
Driving the Heritage Cooking Class forward, I will also be pitching at various events upcoming weeks. Watching how pitchers get slaughtered on the pitching program “Dragon’s Den”,  I’ve got to work extra hard! Wish me the best!  
Update you again next time :)
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